Monday, May 9, 2016

Brussels' Chez Leon

Brussels is one of Europe's culinary capitals, where one could spend much time and money seeking out the great and the best. Being a mussels aficionado and having dined on mussels at Leon of Brussels restaurants in Paris many times in the past, I wanted only to find the mother-restaurant. Sort of like finding the mother Ikea in Stockholm. It was not difficult.
There, on the Rue des Boucherers, near the Grand Place

Chez Leon

A table for two, by a radiator, SVP
It's not New Zealand, but I am in mussels heaven

For me, a starter of poison soup (running gag); for Vicki, more
pain, SVP

My main, moules et frites; Vicki's steak and frites in view; the
steak was good, she said

Looking around; we've been at the museum all day, it's 4 in the
afternoon, but the place is not entirely deserted (I try not to shoot

The cute plastic bowls they use for discards; I thought of trying
to pilfer one...remember Paris, girls?

Looking further; note little bronze plaques on back rests...

Thus; and seafaring art

Very famous patron


Infamous patron
More looking around

Belgians eat a lot of bread

Mussels cartoon...of course

Mussel sculpture

Great food, neat place


Rebecca said...

I am quite surprised you _didn't_ take one of the plastic boats! :)

Tawana said...

Always a restaurant named Leon in every town! Wes is impressed!