Sunday, May 1, 2016

Amsterdamsters Again: More Out-Takes

After two nights we moved from Amsterdamse Bos to Gaasterplas campground, which affords much better access to the city. It was from there that we did the cruise. After the cruise, we walked a good bit of the old city, principally, the Jordaan. And had a great lunch at one of the city's many Argentinian restaurants. Walking, aimlessly, or, more likely, lost, is a great use of one's time, especially in a place like Amsterdam. Below are miscellaneous pix, out-takes, from two days' walks, not including the more organized activities covered in later posts. (Posted from In De Vrede, St. Sixtus Abbey, Axis Mundi, Heart of Beer-dom on Earth...).
Somewhere in the Jordaan....some say this is where Jesus was
baptized; others that it is a corruption of Jardin, since all the
streets are named after plants

Amsterdamsters are into shoe trees/lines too

I love black pansies

Line to get into the Ann Frank house

Of  note

Of ultimate note: this is the rubber duckie store

Avant-gard shoe store


Ditto again; do not try this at home

Great business name, I thought

Favorite house-boat, with hydroponic garden

As off-the-grid as they appear, all the house-boats are connected
thus: electric, fresh water, not-so-fresh water

We spent nearly half a day at the Hermitage, the
Spanish Masters exhibit, which had one or two
Velasquez paintings; and some others

Another day, lunch at Kantjil and the Tiger: design your own
Indonesian: a great ten buck lunch


We sat under the tiger


Design your own menu

Flemish fries are very important here

Not the last time we'll see the Potato Eaters

Meanwhile, back at the campground, King's Day celebrants are

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