Friday, May 13, 2016

Seven Sisters And Birling Gap

The White Cliffs are not just at Dover. They go on, some miles, east and west. Perhaps the most spectacular is Beachy Head, which we saw in 2013. West of there are more, and west of Birling Gap, where the Downs come right down to the sea, are the Seven Sisters. With a fair day forecasted, we headed to Birling Gap, via Battle and other interesting places and sights. This is 1066 country. Anyhow, we walked three of the Seven Sisters before heading on to Seaford and its miles-long pebble beach--with free overnight parking on Marine Parade. We eventually spent two nights there, the latter following a day of blogging, planning, and shopping in nearby Newhaven.
The beach at Birling Gap, looking west

Water quality always a concern, despite the fact that only dogs
are stupid enough to go into water this cold

Looking further west

And east toward Beachy Head

Up on the cliffs now

Back in color-coded sheep country; ask Vicki to explain sometime
how the females get color-coded

Proceeding on, up and down, to and fro...

Looking back

These cliffs do tumble down, with alarming frequency; several of
the cottages back at Birling Gap are now threatened 

Why they tumble down...they're just chalky rubble

Turning back; it's been our first up and down hiking in a while

Vicki, well-protected from the sun; we saw quite a few of the
Britons not so, and turning the color of boiled lobster; it was
apparently the first sunny warm weekend of the season

Our encampment on Marine Parade, Seaford

Looking west, a bit of the beach

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Tawana said...

We got a little red on our necks and arms on sunny days in London. It was surprisingly warm the last few days we were there. Paris was warm the first couple of days with tons of folks picnicking in the parks, but then we had clouds and rain the last few days.