Wednesday, October 20, 2010


After the underground city, we drove back to Uchisar, to see the castle there, and then on to a ridge overlooking Goreme, where we spent our last night in Cappadocia.
Uchisar Castle, another carved-out elevation, perhaps the
grandest of them all

View of Uchisar from the top

Ditto; smaller, vassals' castles below

Us on the summit

For some reason we never understood, the air flotilla
launched again, late in the afternoon, contrary to their 
stated mission of flying only in the early AM; perhaps 
they were moving to their winter quarters in Sarasota

Tourist/native interaction; universal language

Curious cat


The more impressive side of Urchisar Castle, over where
the tour buses park; and the bazaar...

At the aforementioned bazaar, world-class kitsch; does
UNESCO have a category for this?

Another photo pregnant with meaning: a
Japanese tour bus has just rolled in, joining
the dozen others, I am up on a mound hoping
to capture the drama, the excitement, the 
beauty...the balloons are launching in the
valley, the camel is waiting for his next trick,
and Vicki is laughing hysterically at me and
the whole Cappadocian scene

Anyhow, we parked that night with a couple French RVs
on a ridge overlooking Goreme; they were just back from

And had lunch the next day, exploring Goreme, at a
"traditional" restaurant called A la Turca; the mezes...

And the main, sort of a sliced roast beef (?),
smoked, served on a bed of frites, smothered
in yogurt and brown gravy; I swear I am
not making this up; credit Vicki for not even
thinking of asking for ketchup; so far as I

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