Monday, October 25, 2010


So, fresh from winning our plenary indulgences at the Church of St. Pierre, we drove right into centrum Antakya and found a parking place a mere two blocks from our main goal, the archaeological museum there. We had lunch at a nice place, Sultan Sofrasi, and then walked several blocks of the old town, and then, yes, visited another bazaar.
Baklava lite...made with Splenda?

At the restaurant, shooting a commerical or possibly that's
the Turkish Anthony Bourdain

I had read that, the further south you go, the spicier 
the food gets; the yogurt/mint soup was very good, but the
chicken stew Vicki had and the beef-stuffed eggplant I had
were pretty bland; can't go any farther south than this...

Right on the main drag and the river

In the bazaar; he couldn't explain, and we couldn't figure
out, what it is he is making on the huge rotating grill...

It comes out like the stringy stuff under the glass

Another day, another bazaar

At the shoe repair shop

Rug merchants of yore

Actually, we are in the market for some nice Turkish indoor/
outdoor carpet...

Downtown Antakya, bridge over the Orontes River

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