Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sanliurfa Bazaar

Sanliurfa has a nice, manageable bazaar, much of which was constructed in Suleiman the Great's time. We are looking for a bumper sticker that says, in Turkish, "this vehicle stops at all bazaars."
Sanliurfa Bazaar interior

Pashmina Paradise

Sparklette material store; although you couldn't tell from
this, the favored color, hereabouts, is purple/lavender

Another dress style one sees, rather more in the cities, is the
trench coat look--the trench coat babes--here we are in the
trench coat district

Spice store

Assembly-line bakery

Baggy pants

We ate at a chicken doner kebab place somewhere deep in
the bazaar

Best $1.40 lunch we've had, great sandwich,
all the fixins', yogurt milk to wash it down, and
you get to sit on the tiny chairs and smile at
all the double-taking passers-by

A better view of the Sanliurfa citadel

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