Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Off the Wall In Istanbul

After Chora, we walked a few blocks further to see a remnant of the once great wall of Istanbul
Stopping for some fun and shopping on the way

And some practical matters; I needed a haircut, hadn't had
one since early June; the barber here has just finished
burning the fuzzy hairs of my ears; note the Bic lighter in
his hand; didn't hurt, but didn't smell good, either

Vicki on the Great Wall

Outside the wall, looking toward the new
town in the distance

The bus trip back to Eminonu took us through the bridal
shop district; dozens of these stores

At Eminonu I had dinner off one of the boats--a huge
hoagie sort of roll, stuffed with raw onions and lettuce and
a grilled fish fillet, seasoned with lemon juice; with an
interesting drink, sort of, pickles and cabbage in a cold red
vinegary mixture; for once, I had just one...

Seated somewhere in this madhouse

Vicki dined at her favorite foreign restaurant--now featuring
its McTurco Menu--

But from our terrace-level table there was at least a nice
view of the old train station, from which the once Orient
Express regularly departed

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