Monday, October 4, 2010

Galata Bridge

After our walk in the new town, we descended past the Galata Tower to the Galata Bridge and crossed it to Eminonu, a transportation hub and place of many sights.
The Galata Bridge is neither old nor architecturally 
interesting,  but it does carry the tram, cars and trucks and 
buses, and pedestrians, peddlers, and dozens of fisher-persons

I enjoyed the message here "building bridges between the 

On the Eminonu side, these three boats sells tons on fresh grilled fish sandwiches 
to adoring crowds; I ate there a couple nights later

One interesting feature of the Galata Bridge is that dozens of restaurants lie 
immediately below it (here with their sun shades down)

Looking across the Golden Horn to the new town, and Galata Tower

Eminonu, where the main train station and the main tram line converge, also 
many of the commuter ferries, beginning of old town, many sights, here, the 
"new" mosque (mid-16th century)

The pedestrian under-passes from port to tram or mosque or wherever are always 
wall-to-wall people, shops...

But there is relative tranquility at the numerous "money-from-the-wall" sites

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