Saturday, October 9, 2010

Istanbul Outtakes

From a side street in Sultanahmet, the Sea of Marmara, a sea
of  ships; the traffic through the Bosphorus, of every size,
was incredible

Bust with glasses, something new for me...

T-shirts at the Grand Bazaar

Turkish disability ramps always show the degree of incline

Raspberry/chocolate orgy: first a layer of raspberry and
cream, then chocolate mousse, then gingerbread, all in an
edible chocolate cup; at a patisserie on the main drag in
Sultanahmet; Turks definitely have sweet teeth

Mannquins, on the docks by fashionable
houses on the Bosphorus

On the seawall in Sultanahmet, some enterprising soul
has set up a BB gun target range; 15 shots, 5 YTL

The Bosphorus was jellyfish city: this one (you can't see
the tentacles) was at least three feet long and swimming
briskly against the current


A last view of our most unusual "campground" in Istanbul

And a last view, from the Bosphorus Bridge, of the old city,
Hagia Sofia, flanked by the Blue Mosque and Topkapi

I really enjoyed Istanbul--such a comfortable combination of the familiar and the exotic--ever interesting and challenging. And then there was the food. I could have stayed another week, just wandering the markets, but Vicki kept reminding me there was much more of Turkey to see.

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Renee - RambleCrunch said...

I just stumbled across your blog while researching RV parking places in Istanbul. Thanks for these great posts! I appreciate that you focus on the details...the bust with the glasses, the degree of incline on the ramp sign. Good stuff.

Right now we're parked at a small campground on the Black Sea but will be heading into Istanbul in a day or two. I'd love any advice you could give about parking the rig in the city. Where are you parked in the photograph with the other RVs?

Cheers, Renee