Monday, December 7, 2009


Plougastel church

Love those severe lines...

Plougastel calvaire

Crown of thorns

Adoration of the donkeys

One the three facades

Shroud of Turin depiction

Obligatory young woman going to Hell

We spent the night of the 28th at the aire at the Brest marina. It seemed like a very yuppie place, with cool maritime stores (I bought a jar of Maritime Coop fish soup (Vicki calls it "poison soup") and seaweed beer), until the club across the parking lot closed at 1:30AM, and then there was a lot of drunken laughing and singing and car doors slamming, etc. The next day we found the Kerloas menhir, and the golf course, and then visited the church at Plougastel; another day, another calvaire.

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