Monday, December 7, 2009

Kerzeho Alignment

Near a village called Erdeven, some miles
northwest of Carnac, there are the remnants
of what would have been the largest of all
the alignments, the Kerzeho. It extended
some two miles, changing course about
midway along the route. But now, much
of it is degraded or missing. Again, no one
has the foggiest of what all this was about
except that it was very important to someone.
All of it high neolithic for these parts, 2,500-

The highway goes right through the alignment...

View of the alignment

Vicki by the Geant Menhir, part of what was perhaps the
alignment's cromlech; the fallen menhir is pretty big too

Another really huge one, lightning-struck

Part of the cromlech/alignment/whatever

What the locals refer to as the "slaughter stone"

Some 20th century construction, not comparing well...

More of the alignment

And, at the foot of the Geant, another "zero" stone

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