Monday, December 7, 2009

Kercado Tumulus

The Kercado tumulus and alle couverte is back in Carnac,
where we drove next, again, about a quarter mile south
of the Kermario alignment. Again, it is something we
had never seen before--always in too much of a rush, I
guess, and the Carnac area has some 30,000 megaliths
to look at. Kercado is much older than anything else in
the area, dated authoritatively to 5,000BC, the oldest
known human stone construction anywhere. I am glad
we finally got around to seeing it! Above, Kercado
tumulus, really intact, with trees on top, etc.

Vicki atop the's not small

The tumulus has a partially-intact stone circle around it, very
unusual for Brittany

Interior stone carvings..."abstract"

Ditto; I guess they got over the realism of the
Magdalene era (cave paintings, really old)

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