Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cognac City

As we departed Brittany and entered the Loire Atlantique and
then the Charente, Vicki astutely surmised that the city of
Cognac might have something to do with one of my other
favorite beverages, cognac, and that it might indeed hold
some attraction for me. She is so thoughtful. Although I was
initially skeptical--hey, you can't just naively assume the
name has anything to do with it--we re-routed for Cognac,
and there, to my pleasant surprise, as we entered the city,
emerged the warehouses of Remy Martin, Courvosier,
Martell, Camus, and, greatest of all, Hennessey. We booked
a tour for me later in the afternoon and then set about briefly
exploring the old city.

A city of cream-colored limestone, a bit
monochrome for me, but nonetheless beautiful;
incidentally, the minute you leave Brittany
into the Loire Atlantique the roof-tops
consistently change to tile!

Hey, he had 3 inches on either side!

Shopping district, Cognac

Indoor market

Interior of an office building, lawyers and
real estate offices

Vicki made me take this picture...$112 underwear, typical
of what we see in France; would nicely match the ass-less
chaps we saw in San Francisco

Part of the old castle and city wall

Portal trowers

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