Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Camping France

I am writing on December 2 (from St. Nazaire), and we have
been in France two weeks now without yet visiting a
campground or caravan park. The reason is the "aires" all
over, towns that welcome camping-cars, and even
supermarkets that designate over-night space and provide
other facilities, sometimes free, sometimes for a very modest
price, a euro or two. Walmart should be so accommodating!
Above, the Super U in Cancale

Designated over-night parking for camping cars

Dumping facilities and fresh water

Even a laundromat!

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stacey said...

Hahahaha....when I saw the 'Super U', I thought of W-M. Wal-Mart should be accomadating....they have a bank (the 'W-M card', they do it all- it seems).

Enjoy your travels!