Monday, December 7, 2009

Carnac Plage and Museum

We drove back to Carnac and its Grand Plage, where we had
lunch and a long walk along the beach, Vicki in search of
green beach glass, me in search of a polished neolithic jadeite
ceremonial axe. She found some glass. I managed to catch
two oysters, which went some way toward erasing my
Norwegian fishing humiliations. On the way back, we
stopped also at the Carnac Museum of Prehistory, a major
site for all this stuff, and walked about town a bit.


The day's catch

Lann Roz, on the way back from the beach, a restaurant
where we have had several memorable meals (including
the one where the proprietess had fallen asleep and I finally
 had to go wake her up for l'addition)

At the Carnac Museum of Prehistory, where they have quite
a collection

These jadeite axes were actually found on the beach at
Quiberon in 2007; I'll keep looking

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