Monday, December 14, 2009

Heydane Plage

From Heydane Plage

I tipped the bird generously

You don't have to wait long to catch a wave here

Vicki identified this as the Heydane Rosetta Stone: it
simultaneously translates French, Spanish, and Basque;
Basque is impossible...

We're still eating OK...I have downed my share of oysters in
the past, but these are the first three I have ever shucked
myself, with an oyster knife purchased (with the oysters)
at LeClerq's; "by his own hand," which was not cut seriously;
obviously there's a trick to this I have yet to learn

Patisserie-bought desserts are a bit easier

This is the train station at Heydane Plage, across from which
we parked (with a dozen other autocaravanas) for a couple
nights; we thought it was the rather famous Heydane train
station where Hitler and Franco met in 1940, resulting in
Spain's neutrality in WWII (Hitler didn't want any more
baggage to carry); actually, the station is in town, we later
learned, and it's not nearly as scenic, nor large really; so,
I guess the proper caption would be "this is not the train
station where Hitler and Franco met in 1940..."

Heydane is about the last coastal town in northern France before the Spanish border. It is an old resort town with a casino, beautiful beach, very popular with the surfing crowd. Even in winter.

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