Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weir Garden, Herefordshire

It was to be a three-sight day--four if you count the ASDA--we drove next a few miles back across Hereford to Weir Garden, another National Trust site, an early 20th century landscape garden, and walled garden, on the River Wye.

Vicki stands for scale by one of the big trees

Part of the largest flock of swans we've seen


But a scout returns from around the bend: nothing up-river

And so they all turn back

Along the river

Bottom, right middle, stone remains of a Roman villa

Fruit trees along the car park

Grounds...beautiful Herefordshire


In the walled garden, one of the better ones yet

In the green house...Venus Fly Traps for sale...
we would have bought one, but it's still two
months until P arrives

Pitcher plants, also very hard on flies

Chives, anyone?

And, a patch for the kiddies; neat place

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