Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Stourhead, 2016, 3

A call to Stourhead suggested rather more of the rhodos were out, and we decided a third visit was in order. We're not purists. We'd backtracked enough to Newbury that Stourhead was not seriously out of the way for our generally west-by-northwest heading. Not that anything is seriously out of the way here on Albion.
Mostly they're of interest at a distance in landscape gardens,
but they're beautiful up close too

Iconic view

Our walk took a higher road this time, and we got to see a bit
of the obelisk

All manner of green

Some red rhodos still out

Yellow azalea, copper beech, white rhododendron, red maple,
pink rhododendron...

The yellow azaleas still fragrant

Great color everywhere

Tiny-flowered Enkianthus campanulatus

A rhodo wood

More color

The lake

Water wheel and fall

Swan posing

The ducklings hatched! Well, three of them so far

More color


The lavender rhodos are out now too

We're glad we came back again

Magical place

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Tawana said...

You are there at a perfect time for all the flowers.