Monday, May 23, 2016

Southern Motorhome Show, Chievely, Berkshire, UK of GB

Camping is different over here, and RV shows are different too. The thing to do, apparently, at these regional RV shows is to go and camp at them, making it a long weekend. This we did, arriving Thursday afternoon. By Friday afternoon, some 2,052 rigs were parked in the huge field surrounding the show place (I asked). The facility is sort of like a county fairground, except with few permanent buildings (no 4-H, no Pig Pavillion, no Hen House, etc.) There were scores of motorhomes and caravans (trailers) on display as well as all manner of accessories and accoutrements, many food and drink vendors, musical and other entertainment, bingo, a dog show (of course), and numerous other interesting things we probably didn't notice or understand. It was fun, in any case, and nice to have a little time for relaxation and relative idleness. (PS...we're de-camping now, Monday morning, and fully half the campers are still here....)
One avenue of the camping area; all manner of rigs

Big huge American-style RVs; owned by Brits

Anything American is cool; well, not everything...we always
get questions about Trump...

Also many of the hobbit-sized RVs that certain members of our
party think are so cute; but mostly the B+s and Cs and Bs that
constitute 99% of RVs in Europe

Our rig; we're not big-time flag-wavers ("Patriotism is the last
refuge of the scoundrel"), but fortunately we carry a small
rendition to fly on our even smaller mast

Street scene

Ample infrastructure

Popular sign, for your rig, for T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

Many readers have asked what Bilbo did after making all the

Vegematic before...

And after

Top interest in the show for us...a Hymer on a Sprinter 4x4

We hear that Hymer is partnering with, or has actually purchased

Inflatable tent, kiddie playroom


This model for Princess Bees...

Impossible to convey the number and variety of rigs here...

Thought I'd try a pano, but it only did 180 degrees...

Having seen everything at the show, twice, and being low on
provisions, we took the free shuttle bus into town, Newbury

And on Sunday, between squalls, our walks took us past the
entertainment pavillion. Vicki: I love going to 60s revival
music; even in England it is just like high school--all women
dancing. But notice the two little girls. I don't think 50 years
from now old folks and toddlers will be dancing to rap or
heavy metal.

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