Thursday, May 12, 2016


Nearby is Scotney Castle. Actually, it is a mid-19th century great house where the owners knocked-down the 15th century fortified residence, the castle, with moat, to create a folly and a garden scene. See the previous post,, for more comprehensive commentary. It was at Scotney we began to discern we had arrived a bit early for the full bloom...
The House

Walking down toward the castle and moat; the azaleas are doing

View of the castle

Most of the rhodos just beginning to bloom


Blue Bells and azaleas

Gorgeous in bloom

Some few rhodos help frame the castle

Us, re-doing a shot from 2013; OK, we're 3 year older

Scotney is 3 years older too

Rhodos and lotuses...a bit early for both

What we were hoping for; perhaps we'll be back

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