Sunday, May 22, 2016

Return To Ladye Bay

I count tides, big tides, among the sublime, and have enjoyed them in Alaska, New Zealand, France, here and elsewhere. Only one place, the Bay of Fundy, which we first saw in 1970, has bigger tides than Bristol Channel, which we saw in 2013. directed us to the great site at Ladye Bay, near Clevedon, and I blogged about it and the Channel tides at We returned this year, mostly to see the tides again.
At the Ladye Bay site

The Clevedon pier from near where we parked

The little cove and pebble beach, at something approaching
higher tide

Bristol Channel shipping

Part of the little coastal trail

Sunset over Wales

Next morning, walking toward the pier


And thus, in Clevedon

Low tide

A hat rental store


And a Victorian water fountain


The post box perhaps a bit younger

The cove and beach at lower tide

Looking back to the pier

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