Sunday, May 15, 2016


During our Petworth visits, we spent two nights at nearby Midhurst, a beautiful old town we had not seen before...
At the Grange Carpark...2L a day

By the wisteria at The Spread Eagle

A Midhurst institution


1430...and with plenty of documentation...nearly
600 years of ownership records, lists of guests,
including British royalty, and, infamously, von
Ribbentrop and Goering, in July of 1939

Bygone politics

In Midhurst's impressive little town museum, a depiction of
Cowdry Hall, a Tudor structure, which burned in 1793

In the museum

Sic transit, Gloria...the sanitarium of, luxury apartments

"By Order of the Magistrates, All Vagrants Found in this Parish
will be apprehended and sent to prison"...should we be concerned?

Cowdry Hall

In its walled garden

Another view

Scone cake in a Midhurst bakery

1660; nice, interesting place

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