Monday, May 16, 2016

Hinton Ampner

Our next stop was going to be Winchester Cathedral, but, finding no lay-by to pull into for lunch, we stopped at Hinton Ampner, another National Trust home and garden we'd not heard of, and followed the crowds from the over-flow carpark to the house. The house was built in the latter 20th century, replacing the Georgian original that had burned.
Wisteria wall; Vicki really likes wisterias

Cruel and unusual punishment for a magnolia

Front of the house; the rhodos are coming on now

Tiny roses

Trained on another wall

Chandelier in main drawing room

Many of the great houses took in children from London and
other cities during WWII, sometimes whole schools; this is
from a reunion of a girls' school that resided at Hinton Ampner
in those years

Drawing room; not Georgian

View of the grounds from the drawing room


Dining room

Champagne trolley

Master bath

Master bedroom

Beautifully delicate quilting, done by the three sisters of the
owner; none had an heir, so the house came to the National Trust

Roof repairs have required that many of the furnishings be put
in storage for the time being

Plenty remains on view, however

In the side gardens

Thus, tulips still going strong

Ancient parish church in the background

The door of which is Saxon

Out behind the house, above the formidable ha-ha

The grounds

Largest cattle grate yet

Back of house

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