Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gloucester Cathedral, 2016

From our campsite under Alfred's Tower, we proceeded on to Gloucester, a city we had visited in 2013. After replicating a fine pub meal at the Fountain, we again walked bits of Eastgate, Northgate, Westgate, and Southgate, ending at the cathedral. The city and cathedral are covered well enough in the 2013 posts..., and Our major interest in returning to Gloucester was the fan vaulting in the cloister adjoining the cathedral. It is the first extended use of this kind of vaulting and still among the most impressive instances. And worth a return.


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O to be in England.. well I will be in a couple of days. Gloucester Cathedral is one of my favorites.
Where are you now?

All quiet in Menlo Park. Flags out for Memorial Day.