Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Amsterdam's Tuschinski Theater, 2

Continuing the tour of Amsterdam's Tuschenski Theater...

Sadly, Tuschinski's story has a very disturbing end. In 1936, he went bankrupt. In 1939, his son died. In 1940, his four Rotterdam theaters all were destroyed in the German bombing of the ancient city. In 1942, he and the remaining members of his family were arrested and taken eventually to Auschwitz, where they were murdered among the millions of others.
Mementos from the opening night


Larger view of the VIP room

Another lamp, among the distinctive decor


Floor of main hall

Under balcony

Unforgettable ceiling lighting

Looking out from center stage

Ceiling again

Stage right (left?)

More illumination

Bust of Tuschinski

In the Moorish rooms


And thus

More Moorish


Interesting art throughout


And thus

Lobby window from which Tuschinski kept an eye on 
interior construction and decoration

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