Monday, May 28, 2018

The Temple At Segesta

We continued driving along the west of Sicily, stopping to spend the night at a free sosta in the small town of Calatafimi. Our aim was to visit the temple at Segesta the next morning. Segesta and Selinunte were both Greek colonies in the 6th and 5th centuries, BC, and were often at war with one another. Matters did not change much when Selinunte allied itself with Carthage and Segesta with Greece. Both pretty much petered out in Classical times. In the Wars of Tourism in the 21st century, AD, Selinunte is definitely winning out. Segesta is a medium-sized Doric, unfinished, for which the locals want 6E each for admission, plus 7E to park down the hill (despite a perfectly serviceable car-park, now apparently reserved for turbusses) and to take a shuttle bus. We settled for a few distant pix and headed on to Selinunte.
A patent rip-off

Not one of the biggies

Nor finished

Uninteresting surroundings

On to Selinunte

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