Thursday, May 31, 2018

Noto Fotos, 3

We wanted more of Noto and so went back the next morning. Alas, despite the campground keeper's advice, it was pretty much all over, the markets, the crowds, the turbusses, all gone. But the floral mosaics were still there, wilting a bit, and also Noto's grand architecture, and a city getting back to normal after its annual extravaganza.
City portal; just another Monday morning now

Where we had eaten the night before

Enterprising nuns

Another Baroque

Pre-schoolers lined up for a field trip to the gelato shoppe; all in smocks, boys
in blue, girls in pink...

Cathedral; a mob scene the day befoore

The Corrado the next morning

Senatuus Populsque Notourm

Each individual panel labeled, thus

Add caption

About half way up, we began noticing the sculptured balconies of the Palazzo
Nicolaci, among the best in Europe (they say)

We stop in at the public library--in the Palazzo--for a breather

Continuing the floral mosaics back down; here, a dragon
attacking the Great Wall

City on a Monday morning

Kid with tamed parakeets; will let you pose with them for a euro

Idle turbusses

We spent two nights at the Noto Parcheggio Sosta, in a lemon grove; nice folks,
not much more English than our Italian; in  addition to lemons, they also sold
local olive oil, wines, honey, almonds, etc.; more of an ag sosta; the Rose was
pretty good...

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