Friday, May 18, 2018

Monreale Mosaics,2018

They close the cathedral for a very short Italian lunch, 12-2:30, but we were back inside promptly upon the re-opening. As noted in the previous post, it was a cloudy day. Monreale is a Romanesque church, and thus the prospects for interior viewing were not good. Indeed, of all the churches I know, this is the one that most needs a Divine Illumination Machine (DIM; for a euro, turns on the spotlights; at 2E a pop, could make a fortune at Monreale). My pix from 2011 are better, and certainly more comprehensive. They are at, and at Nonetheless...
Facade of the cathedral, looking past the myriad souvenir shoppes

Jesus H. Christ, Pantokrator

Not wearing His usual angry face

King Solomon

Climbing Jacob's ladder
Knave view

Building the Tower of Babel

Stocking the Ark

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Tawana said...

We have been crazy busy with the kiddos, so am just now catching up on blog posts. We still have Sicily on our bucket list...maybe next year!
Loved all the posts and pictures. I agree with Rebecca about the catacomb photos...yuck...and yet fascinating. The churches and mosaics are fabulous. Palermo looks so nice, too. So glad you are seeing so many interesting things and having fun.