Friday, May 18, 2018

Palermo Street Scenes

After the market, we visited the Palermo cathedral, then a variety of main and side streets. It was a beautiful Sunday, everyone was out, and, Mothers' Day here too, the restaurants were packed
There's a church on every street, sometimes two; or three

Some well worth looking at

Italians have a different set of values which it comes to the exteriors of their
buildings; unpainted plaster falling off old stones and mortar, external plumbing
and electric lines are the rule in the centro storico here; the facade might be
spruced up; maybe not

Do not leave your motor scooter outside overnight, even if chained to a bollard...

On an alley, nearing the cathedral; great old balconies

A half dozen matrons sitting in the alley, chatting, texting;
look straight through to see some of the cathedral sculpture

Palermo cathedral, mid-12th century, when the Normans took over; yes,
those Normans

Stern exterior


Chancel painting


What meridians are good for

Much of the downtown is pedestrianized

Peering into the courtyard of a colossal old buillding

Lemoncello shoppe

Food cart

Random beautiful piazza

Puppet shoppe; among other things; puppets are big here; e.g., Pinocchio

Two intersecting pedestrianized main streets

1/4 of the Four Corners; ground zero Palermo

Evidently the Normans brought cannoli to Siciliy

Vlaams friteshuis!

Street scene

Not one of the better examples

Porta Nuova, 1589

Royal Palace

Royal palace fountain

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