Sunday, May 6, 2018

Roman Roamin' 2018

We've been taking it pretty easy our first week back in Europe, making some minor improvements in Le Duc, our European camper, getting some significant repairs done, researching this and that, going for short walks to the supermercado, venturing into The City on a few occasions, mostly for errands or for restaurants, cafes or gelato shoppes of interest. As tourists, we have probably flunked the sightseeing requirement, although we did get to the Museo Nazionale Romano Thursday and the Lateran area Saturday while we were waiting on the wash at the lavandaria. Next posts.
Errands...get money, get phone cards

Get new brakes and motor mounts


Also look into new tires

Wash clothes: memo: do this on weekdays

One of the more tagged metro trains on line B

Random if colossal Moses on a church
somewhere new Repubblica

Street scene; everything's abloom here

Many coins in this fountain

Churches are always a good bet for someplace cool, in the shade,
to sit down and rest; this one had some spooky relics on display

Never visit Rome, I say, without visiting this greatest of buildings

Most crowded I've ever seen it (the Pantheon)

Piazza Navona was similarly crowded

But only around the fountains; here, Mr. Bubble is doing his
thing, brilliantly

Pizzeria La Montecarlo has become our favorite pizza joint
...and nearly synonymous with being lost in Rome (it's a long story)

On the bridge to the Castle San Angelo; why so
many of the statues have white hair

St. Peter's in the center there; actually we are in search of a new
gelato shoppe...which we never found

Castle St. Angelo, formerly Hadrian's mausoleum, rumored
to become the Vatican City Hard Rock Cafe

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