Friday, May 11, 2018

A Trio Of Churches in Trastavere

Our main goal in Trastavere was to see three churches, a couple of which we had visited hurriedly way back in 2011. All three are of considerable antiquity--Trastavere was, among other things, the Jewish quarter, where Christianity would have first arisen--the St. Mary in Trastavere is on a site dating back among Christians to 112 AD. Anyhow, it was mostly the medieval mosaics, and a Bernini sculpture, apart from the antiquity, that attracted us.
St. Mary in Trastavere

On the porch

Love the way they sometimes post the old signs and messages


Here it's the mosaics, medieval, Byzantine

Jesus and mom, enthroned

Under the famous gospel writer Marcus, the prophet Isaiah

Apostles depicted as sheep

The interesting columns and capitals, said nowadays to have
been taken from the Baths of Caraculla; faces of Isis and Serapis
were hammered off in the 19th century, obscuring their real
origin, the Temple of Isis and Serapis; conquerors nearly always
try to eradicate all traces of the competition, unless there were
martyrs on the site
Interesting painting of Council of Trent 

Moving right along now--in 2011 we didn't have phones or
Google Maps--the Church of San Francesco di Ripa--notable
for its many tombs and monuments, but chiefly for...
Bernini's Ecstasy of the Blessed Lodovica

Compare with the far superior Ecstasy of St. Theresa; it's a fair
question, I think, how Bernini got his models into this state
The Basilica of St. Cecilia

One of the most poignant of all religious sculptures, I think

Maderno's early 17th century sculpture of St. Cecilia, as her
body was found in 1600

And more medieval/Byzantine mosaics

Jesus working on a sekrit digital sign

Let's go bowling, Dude

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