Sunday, May 27, 2018


The Medieval mountain-top village of Erice was not among our more successful visits. Granted, we got there, but we did not stay very long, finding ourselves on a one-way alley through a labyrinth whose end was very uncertain. Especially in an RV. We should have parked at the RV/bus lot and walked the kilometer up-hill. But we thought there was a higher car-park we could find, and by the time we had passed it, if it exists, we were committed. We stopped at the top, by the castle ruins, I reconned on foot, and we boldly headed back down, every twist and turn a drama. The exit through the gate in the old wall was a special thrill. When will we learn?!
But first, heading out of Palermo, we stopped at the Auchan at the beautiful
Poseidon shopping center

Right on the sea: Spain out there, hundreds of miles...

Auchan's pretty much our favorite French supermercado

View from the top of Erice

Two towers


Looking north back toward Palermo

Clouds rolling in

Somehow, Vicki directing traffic, we got through the gate;
disbelieving onlookers

Erice from below


Tawana said...

The scenery was spectacular even though the trip was harrowing. (Is that a word?)

Mark said...

Yes, we were definitely harrowed. Especially Vicki, with her nerves of jello.