Sunday, September 29, 2013

Val d'Aosta Castles

The Valle d'Aosta boasts more than 150 castles. We have looked at and photographed several in prior passages, but actually stopped at the Castello di Fenis and photographed a couple others...
The Castello Aymaville

The Castello di Fenis, which we toured (in Italian; no fotos);
13th-15th century; major restoration in the 1930s

Well, I got a few

In the courtyard; frescoes everywhere by Giacomo Jaquerio;
not world-class paintings, but very interesting and relatively

View from inside the curtain

Tower view

Not a castle: the round-about that leads up to Breuil/Cervino:
the Matterhorn, or Monte Cervino, as the Italians call it; we
visited there a few years back

Further down the valley, Castillo Bard

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Tawana said...

Oh, what fun! We've been in Chicago for a few days, so have missed your most recent posts.