Sunday, September 1, 2013


We have been Denby aficionados since the late 70s and were nearby the village and factory and so decided to visit. It's really a visitor center, tours, demonstrations, outlet stores, garden and gift shoppes, small museum, playground for the kiddies, and Pottery Beach, a beach sans water, but with chairs and picnic tables, and a mobile puppet show that kept the little ones delighted all afternoon while Mummy shopped. We shopped too, finally finding a really nice everyday tea set for Grandmum and Penelope. Alas, the stoneware pieces Rebecca wanted have been discontinued.
Vicki at Denby complex


Lecture/demonstration hall

Fuller view

Main attraction

Kiddie store

Pottery Beach

Later in the day; dads watching the kids, kids watching the puppet show; mum
shopping in the store; the Brits love their days out, and this is one such destination

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