Thursday, September 19, 2013

Abbey Church At Tournus

We first saw the abbey church at Tournus in 1989, and I was impressed, and remained impressed. It is a 10th-11th century Romanesque church, and, until we saw Charlemagne's "cathedral" in Aachen in 2011, it is likely the oldest strictly European (post-Roman) building we have seen. From Beaune we headed south, with Tournus one of a couple of notable stops.
The abbey was founded by survivors of the
Viking raids in Normandy, carrying the remains/
relics of St. Philibertus; in Burgundy they got
raided by Hungarians and even Moors; and
resisted Cluny's efforts to take them over; times
were nasty and brutish



11th century mosaic in the ambulatory, recently discovered,
relating the Zodiac to monthly labors, a common Medieval

Not a lot of sculpture going on...


Looking astern, great organ

Now in the crypt

This puppy is really old

More crypt

10th century well

Crypt view

Outside, looking at tower


Cloister sculpture

Deteriorating jamb statues removed for

Capitals, other pieces, removed for preservation

Now in the huge hall above the huge narthex

Looking up into the tower above

Thus; impressive place...

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Tawana said...

Interesting staircase in the tower. I love the old churches, too.