Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Troyes' Urban Church

The Urban church in Troyes is best known as an example of flamboyant Gothic; plus it took 800 years to build; lots of the flamboyants took centuries to build as people lost interest, plagues, wars, schisms, reformations, wars, etc., intervened. Pope Urban IV began it on the site of his dad's tattoo parlor, but the local nuns took issue, and the whole thing was tied up in legalities for centuries. Plus people, including us, lost interest. To his credit, Urban IV was supposedly the pope from whom Tannhauser begged mercy and who replied that his staff would sooner sprout leaves than such a s sinner would be forgiven. Guess what happened?
Normally we just barge right in unless they are having Sunday
brunch, but this time it was a funeral, so we decided to have
our own lunch and wait it out

Flamboyant, yes

Knave view; again, not a big place

Elevation: gone are the galleries, the triforia

Some nice windows


And more flamboyant; flamboyant is where
Gothic parodies itself

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