Monday, September 16, 2013

Troyes' St. John Of The Market Church

The St. Jean church is actually a bit newer than the cathedral, still 13th century, but made of poor stone and consequently not in great condition. But it is of interest, partly for its unusual shape, some of its interior appointments, and, mostly, its historical significance. The Treaty of Troyes was signed at the cathedral, but the wedding of Henry V of England, victor at Agincourt, and Catherine of Valois, daughter of the French king Charles VI, took place here in 1420. Read your Shakespeare. France would have passed to Henry and his heirs, good news for the Brits, but for Henry's sudden and unexpected death, and that Joan of Arc woman....
Interior view...not impressively Gothic

What you can't see is the weird, turning

But there is some nice glass, including this unusual Solomon
(note baby on table, about to be halved)

And another Holy Circumcision

And an impressive Roman-style Last Supper

And much work to be done to save this place

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