Thursday, September 19, 2013

Autun, 2013

After a pleasant night at Bourges' aire, we turned back toward Burgundy and the old town of Autun, which we've been visiting since 1979. It has some Celtic bits, some Roman bits, some great Romanesque cathedral bits, and a modern town that is attractive and welcoming. I blogged about Autun's cathedral in 2011, so if you want to see more of it, go to
Autun has a nice aire too, on the lake, maybe a kilometer
from the centro; but it is a bit noisy and angular, so we
moved eventually around the lake to the aire by the Roman

Autun's famous Ecole Militaire, with beautiful Burgundian
tiled roofing

Boys old and young and mostly old playing boulles at the
park; I think I could get into this...

The main reason for coming back to Autun is its wonderful
Romanesque Cathedral of St. Lazare and its 12th century
sculpture, in its tympanum but mainly in its capitals, all by
Gislebertus..."Gislebertus hoc fecit," "Gislebertus made this,"
one of the great signatures of all art

OK, I have to show you just one or two, here, my favorite,
Simon the Magician falling to his death, with St. Peter and
Satan looking on, with pleasure

And just one more, never before seen on this blog, a bad
guy, a snake, a woman, a tree...

Anyhow, after the usual couple hours in the cathedral,
admiring the barrel vaulting, wondering about all the cracks,
we walked back down through the pretty town of Autun;
here a 19th century shopping arcade

A pedestrian street scene

An Art Nouveau butcher shop, something that never escapes
Vicki's keen eyes

Old city wall and tower, partly Medieval, partly Roman,
perhaps; Autun comes from Augustodunum

Augustodunum's theater, said to have seated 20,000

Up closer; the highest tier, built on barrel vaults, is now
gone; we believe the theater here may have been what
attracted us to Autun in the first place, in was the
first Roman thing we ever saw in Europe; well, that and
the fact it was on the way to Beaune

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Tawana said...

...and we love finding those wonderful Roman ruins in France. I don't know why I was surprised the first time I saw them, but I just had never even thought about there being Roman ruins in France. Duh! Guess I was sleeping in that particular history class!