Monday, September 9, 2013

Louvre-Lens Collection

The main collection is displayed chronologically, with different cultures side-by-side. It is, I presume, all or nearly all from the Louvre's vast collections. Frankly, I expected to see a whole lot of Watteau and Fragonard and not much else at Lens. I was pleasantly surprised to see a great array of objects, perhaps stronger in the ancient and archaeological areas, but still many of the great Louvre artists represented. Apparently, moving the Delacroix to Lens created an uproar in Paris, but I trust the Louvre has survived and the people of Paris will come to deal with it. Perhaps I'll feel differently as a Paris resident next year.
From an Egyptian tomb; not Xian

From the palace, Ninevah, Assyria

Floor mosaic, Roman Carthage

Fresco, Pompeii

Roman, one of the Mithra mysteries; I occasionally wonder
how things might have turned out if St. Helen had opted
for Mithra instead of Christianity: bad news for bulls

Christian, Medieval reliquary box

Medieval Muslim astrological globe

Damascus, 17th century unknown painter

Rafael's Baldesar Castiglione

A beautiful Botticelli, emphasizing, I'd guess,
the humanity of the baby J

El Greco

Never miss a Poussin

Nor a Rubens (they had a huge Rubens exhibit going on,
but we were Rubens'd-out in Antwerp) 

A great Claude can see Turner evolving right
out of it...

Rembrandt's Matthew

One Fragonard

One Watteau

A sweet Sir Josh Reynolds

And Delacroix's 28 July, 1830: Liberty Leading the People

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