Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thracian Sanctuary in the Mountains

Next day, Saturday, we drove on from our beach campsite near Primorsko up into the mountains, to the border crossing into Turkey at Malko Tarnovo...stopping en route to see another Thracian sanctuary. The Thracians, don't you know, were close by the Dacians, in Romania, roughly contemporaneous with the Celts in the north and west, all conquered and assimilated by the Romans.

Mountain road target practice, just like
in Montana

The sanctuary is supposed to be a hill-side stone circle,
oriented to the summer solstice sunrise, with cup-marks
and other features; here, a "sacrificial basin"

This mushroom-shaped rock supposedly has cup-marks
and other features

Another basin? It was all heavily grown-over, conglomerate
rock; takes a more practiced interpetive eye than I have

So we drove on, bumpy, twisting roads, toward Turkey,
encountering three different Bulgarian road-block check-
points, all amused to see Americanskis

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