Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Bucaresti

More Bucharest...

So there we are, walking along Calea Victoriei, remembering
it has been five months since we had a real American pizza,

There pops up one of Bucharest's eight Pizza Huts

It was not exactly an Agra-experience (see
November, 2008), but it was great, it was
memorable; I had two beers...

And there were more beautiful chapels

And domes

And more Vlad; Vlad was actually Wallachian,
not Transylvanian (the Dracula thing); this is
the real bust of him; I remember laughing with
colleagues, years ago, that without Lewis and
Clark, Custer, and the Copper Kings, Montana
really had no history--that, of course, is a great
slander, and I am embarrassed ever to have
entertained the thought, even in jest; but...
Romania really needs to find something else
in addition to Vlad

In the old town center where his original
castle lay

Us; memo to camera: when asking someone else to take
your picture (we do this all the time for other people),
give them more explicit instructions about framing the
picture, focusing, waiting for clutter to pass by, etc.
(you should see the ones I deleted)

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