Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Esceri Piac

Esceri Piac must mean "street market" or somesuch.  But this is no mere flea market. We've seen a few recently. This one attracts antique dealers and has some wonderful stuff (as well as the usual flea market fare). It took us more than an hour on buses to get to it, right on the southern outskirts of Pest.
Entrance on a gray day; it's actually a large
enclosed area, with some permanent stalls
and shops, the rest on tables all over

A cimbalom

Stall interior


In one of the galleries

Interestingly, unlike Germany and Austria, there was a good
bit of Nazi memorabilia for sale, reminders of how market-
oriented Nazism was--they were continually producing
trinkets and other items, covered with their symbols and
slogans; the owners would not let me take pix of most of
it, but I did snatch a few

Presumably there's a black market for this stuff; one
wouldn't want so much as to touch it, however

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