Monday, September 13, 2010

"Probably the Best City in the World," 2

More of "probably the best city in the world"
The so-called Black Church, the largest
Gothic church between Vienna and
Instanbul, they say; there are Gothic
cathedrals in Istanbul? Take me there!

Interior (while the armed guard wasn't

The one thing of interest about this place is that it is
decorated by some 200 Turkish rugs, all quite (centuries)
old and beautiful

Brasov's "Hollywood" sign, another element of urban

There are some very nice buildings here,
most awaiting renovation; also mile after
square mile of not so nice communist-era
block housing

And where else, in the whole wide world of sports, can you 
find a Dracula Dream Catcher?!

A few seats are still available in "probably the best city in
the world"

We gave up--most things are closed on Monday--and went back to the campground, where I actually hand-washed the truck--first time since Scotland!

The best thing I can say about Brasov is that the taxi drivers are honest, reliable, and straightforward, and speak some English. This alone probably puts Brasov in the running for "probably the best city in the world."

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