Friday, September 3, 2010

Europe's Oldest Underground Railroad

Another part of the interest of Andrassy Ut is that below it runs Europe's oldest underground railway--subway--still Budapest's line #1

It's only 15 feet beneath the boulevard

Heroes' Square station

Interior--everything down-scaled

Tiny little cars (by contemporary standards)

Leather straps to hang on to, just like in the olden days

Two tiny little cars; but a treat to see and ride!

PS:  In our eight days in Budapest, we have ridden a variety of buses, trams, and subways, all over town, sometimes 6 or 8 in a day. It's a very good transportation system. The most remarkable thing, however, is that here, unlike every other city we have visited, the locals unfailingly offer you their seat, no matter whether it's a long haul or short. Vicki never had to stand on any of our (sometimes long) rides. I have no idea whether it's a senior thing or a visitor thing or a gender thing, but Budapest residents have it perfected.

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