Monday, May 28, 2018

Selinunte, 2018

We visited Selinunte in 2011 and were sufficiently impressed to want to return. In size, it certainly rivals the Valley of Temples, near Agrigento, although Selinunte's seven Doric temples are, with one exception, pretty much ruins. I posted about Selinunte in 2011, and there are some decent pix there too. Selinunte was yet another 7th century Greek colony on Sicily, later taken over by the Carthagenians and then the Romans. Selinunte's temples are so remote, historically, their names or associations have been lost. They are simply Temple A, Temple B, Temple C, etc.
Temple E has been reconstructed, in part, and therefore receives the most

Nave view, as it were

Looking toward Temple C, on the sea, across the ruins of the city

Cella of Temple E

Ruins of Temple F

Excellent interpretative signage all over; and in English too


At Temple F


Today's profundity, courtesy of J-P Sartre: (roughly) "the silence of Selinunte's
temples speaks more than many words"

The quarry was some 10-12km away; they cut out the column drums, then rolled
them to the site and erected them; then cut the flutes and other ornamentation

Contemporary beach adjoining Temple C and friends

Interesting shade tree

Earthquakes are really tough on temples: sometimes you can see exactly how
the earth rolled...

Temple C, again; where the metopes in Palermo would have been

And a last look at Temple E

We spent the next two nights at a campground on the beach, just a few kilometers
from the ruins


And thus

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