Monday, May 21, 2018

Royal Chapel Mosaics, 2

I love this place...
Pantokrator zapping Adam

Adam giving birth to Eve

Moving right along..covering someone's nakedness

Ark disembarkment


Closer-up of Simon Magi flying

Baptism; this does not appear to be full immersion

Knightly feather-dancer


The place is incredible

We are...climbing..Jacob's ladder

Esau shooting fish in a barrel; wait, no...

On to Egypt

Saul/Paul doing his thing

Interestingly, the ladies are 17th century; note their
expressiveness; wonder why?

It's OK, Noah, we've got 100% sunny skies for the next ten days

Interesting support for the mandorla

Don't forget the beautiful marble flooring throughout

The guidebooks say the chapel is unusual for having no Crucifixion scene...
but what is this?

Stalactite ceiling again

Drone view in which the stalactite aspect becomes clear

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