Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Palermo's Cappucin Catacombs: Warning! Nightmare Alert!

We all like to play dress-up, whether as adults—Halloween--or as children, with friends, siblings, playmates, dolls and toys. But what if you could play dress-up with corpses and cadavers, in a special and safe place, as the Cappucin monks did in Palermo, not all that long ago?! What a wondersome thing! And so it has been preserved, the Cappucin Catacombs, in some rightly dead part of the city, to which we ventured in the waning hours of our first day in the capital city. We had driven over through the miles and miles of tunnels and bridges to Palermo on May 12, after having taken a rest day May 11, after our Aeolian cruise. We found the appointed sosta, somewhere in the way west of Palermo, a truly chaotic city, on bus route 107. In the few hours of remaining daylight, we (Vicki) thought it would be really cool to see the dressed-up corpses and cadavers. I will not speculate upon the origin of this idea except to note that a recent Rickie Stevie blog post had dealt with the Cappucin Catacombs. He is working on a guide to Sicily. Soon, millions of American tourists will have this same wondersome experience! What a wondersome thought!

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Rebecca said...

GRUESOME! I think we'll stick to the skeleton art in Rome.