Friday, May 18, 2018

Monreale Cloisters, 2018

Monreale is a large cathedral and monastery complex in the hills above Palermo. The cathedral's mosaics are the most extensive medieval mosaics in the Mediterranean world, done by Byzantine artists to 12th century Norman tastes. The cloister is merely one of the best in Europe, featuring a couple hundred skillfully-carved capitals, no two of which are the same. We visited Monreale in 2011 and were impressed. Further pix of the cloisters and capitals are here. Apologies for duplicates, but, hey, this stuff is that good. And it's been seven years.
Looking to Palermo and the coast from Monreale; alas, the clouds never went
away that Monday, contrary to the forecast

Holy gymnast; or possibly some sort of Kama Sutra thing

Bull bonking

A bit of the cloister

Attracting a large number of onlookers, including us, this man, meticulously
cleaning the capitals

Holy hula dancers

Still processing this one


Many of the columns have embedded mosaic designs

Post mortem, it says

King Roger presenting the cathedral to Madonna con Bambino

Knights a-jousting

Interesting patriarchal double cross

Great place

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