Monday, May 21, 2018

Flemish Painters In Sicily; And A Garden

After the chapel and its mosaics we visited a palace exhibit of Flemish paintings in Sicily--some old friends--and then the Royal Garden.
Alas, didn't get the name of this, the signature item of the

Interesting entry into the exhibit hall

St. Agatha, Ignoto Pittore Flammingo; don't worry, she
was miraculously  healed, but died of other less dramatic

Not sure what his martyrdom was about

Another Circumcision; Simone de Woebrek

And of course no collection of martyrdoms would be complete without a

Jan Provost, Deposition

Interesting Maddelina, Jan van Scorel

Beautiful Madonna con Bambino, Joos van Cleve

Gerard David, Annunciation

Top of the Porta Nuova, right next to the palace

Impressive ficus trees

With a pine growing right next to it

Back side of the royal palace

All over the island, the loquats are putting out fruit

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