Sunday, May 13, 2018

Aeolian Cruise, 4: Stromboli By Night

And now, the exciting conclusion of our Aeolian cruise...
Walking by a very busy pizzaria...these guys were doing an assembly-line act
that would have made Enrico Fordo proud; someday I'll post the video to my
YouTube channel

Street scene; not pictured, alas, are the many interesting and 
tasteful little shoppes; we did stimulate the local economy 

Carabinieri station

Squad car

The local wine is Malvasia; the "Mal" part is
readily understandable

Vicki wisely opted for the chocolate and ice cream

I'll spare you the next barrage of sunset pix

Staircase from the sea up to the light-house

There, atop the island

Last view of the town

The weather had been gorgeous all day, throughout the trip; but as the sun
went down, thick clouds appeared over the volcano; note the lava flows on
the right side of the mountain

The highlight of the cruise is being able to see the eruptions and fireworks
and lava and such

Alas, it was not to be for us that night; the boat cruised up and down, waiting
for a break

The best we saw was a bit of an orange glow


It was a great trip, one of our best excursions ever, despite the fact we didn't
get to see anything like...


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Rebecca said...

Those islands were amazing--definitely a great side trip!